Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Vintage Wedding Inspiration

I think we can all agreed that the word to describe 2010 weddings would be vintage...vintage dresses, vintage centerpieces, vintage hair styles, vintage, vintage, vintage...I can honestly say if I see another mason jar I may punch myself in the face. I know what you 2011 brides are thinking..."But wait, I LOVE the vintage style and I'm getting married this year!" Fear not...we have put together a couple fun ideas to update the look so you aren't a carbon copy of what everyone did last year!

Don't Be Afraid Of Color...Throw in some royal blue, deep green, magenta, tangerine, etc! Vintage does not need to mean neutral/beige/boring:) Why not bring a bouquet to life with papaya colored tulips?? Throw a avocado colored overlay on top of that white/ivory tablecloth. Make a statement with a fun lil DYI project...find a old door at a flea market and paint it bright red! What a great backdrop for pictures of you and your guests:)

Goodbye Mason Jars, Hello Vintage Cans...Vintage cans are one of my favorite centerpiece items. They add that extra splash of color and are crazy cheap. Check in with Grandma first and see if she has any lying around... peruse flea markets/antique shops or check out Antique Mystique for some classics!

Buttons, Books, and More...It's the simple things that make a vintage wedding so special. Try incorporating buttons instead of flower petals as a table runner or utilize them on you table cards! Books are one of my favorite things to decorate with...stack them for different levels on your dessert table or have your bridesmaids carry love stories instead of bouquets when walking up the aisle! And how sweet is a typewriter guest book??! Enjoy taking the "traditional" wedding elements and replacing them with some vintage charm:)

Have any fresh ideas?? Let us know!





Thursday, January 13, 2011

www.I Need A Wedding Website.pronto

EVERYONE is finally on line. I know, I know there were a few holdouts...and there are still a great many people who hunt-n-peck their way through the world wide web (mom, dad, I mean you:). But everyone you know has access to a computer (Grandma Jean and Aunt Edna too) and I'd venture to say that MOST people you know get any important info online, and do most of their corresponding electronically.

Say what you will about the lack of personal connection or "whatever happened to the art of writing an actual letter", fact of the matter is that if it's not online, people are going to think it doesn't exist.

What does this mean for your wedding? You need a wedding website.

Long gone are the days of excessive invitation inserts (unless you are doing an uber formal affair in which case you should skip this article), welcome to the days of giving your guests an address to access your wedding info to their hearts' delight!

Keep in mind, this doesn't mean you shouldn't send actual invites...but your website is a way to give every single little piece of information that you want your guests to have!

Your wedding website can (and should) include any of the following:
*The story of how you met (plus cute pics along the way!)
*Engagement pics (plus other fun deets like honeymoon destinations, updates on your planning progress, etc)
*Wedding info like date, time, venues, maps
*Any other "event" info like time/place of rehearsal dinners, brunches, showers or cocktail parties
*Out-of-towner info like hotels, airports, cab companies
*Information on fun things to do while your guests are in town!
*Wedding party blurbs -- what a fun way to recognize your friends & family
*Where you are registered -- GASP -- Yes, you read it right. It's OK to tell people where you're registered on your site. It's informal!
*It is also possible to arrange for your guests to RSVP to events via your site (dinners, showers, even the big day itself!)

A few things to remember:
*Make sure you write the web address on something that your guests will keep (i.e. the invitation, NOT the response card)
*Have any flaky family attending? This is a great spot to write out a schedule down to the very last minute. Sometimes people just need a little direction!
*Believe me, when you are all done with this little "project" of creating a website, you're going to want everyone and their mother to see it. But please do abide by the rule of "if you're not inviting them to the wedding, don't blast your site to their email."

Where to find FREE websites?

Have you made a wedding website? Send us the link! We want to post a few examples on our site!



Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beauty Rules For Your Wedding Day

Beauty blunders are never something any girl aspires to make -- but on your big day? The one day of your life that is destined to live on in facebook and shutterfly infamy? Avoid them at all costs.

We've chatted with some brides, scoured the internet, and threw in a cent or two to compile some beauty faux pas that we want you to avoid!

Here's to you, gorgeous!

#1 Your Wedding Day Is No Time To Experiment.

I get it. And I agree. It's plain and simple FUN to play around with makeup. I'm like a wild, carefree, uncaged animal whenever I hit Sephora. And yes, I do leave the store with both eyes caked in different colors of shadow, a variety of glosses layered over one another, and the tops of my hands covered in bronzers, blush and glitter. That is what Sephora is for.  But my advice? Keep your inner makeup magician far far away from your wedding day. This big day is NOT the time to throw on purple mascara if you've never tried it before...And that bronzer you read about in Glamour? Don't give it a wedding-day whirl.

Our advice? Whether you're doing your own makeup or paying someone to enhance your amazing assets, give it a trial run. And by that I mean the whole kit and kaboodle. Schedule a hair and makeup dry run the day of a gown fitting. You can see exactly how you will look when all is said and done. And don't forget to take pics -- LOTS of pics. Natural light, flourescent light, candle light (is that possible with your seamstress?) Take the pics home and scour. What do you love? Hate? When did you start to get shiny and need a touch up? And please, take our word for it, you're going to want to look back at these pics in 30 years and have your kids say "Whoa! Mom! You were HOT!" no "Whoa. Mom? Blue and green eyeshadow with a plum liner?"

#2 Coco Chanel's Words of Wisdom

Seriously. She isn't arguably the most famous fashion icon for nothing. Her advice? Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take off one accessory. Now, as with all advice, you have to take it with a grain of salt. But I write this to encourage you to consider your wedding day accessories. Earrings, necklace, bracelet, veil, hair piece, various rings, your bouquet? What are you wearing and are you weighed down by the baubles hanging from your body? You want your guests to remember you as a beautiful bride -- not as the girl wearing her entire jewelry box.

#3 I (insert name here) solemnly swear not to pick a strapless dress only to tug on it all night long.
Strapless gowns are far and away the most popular wedding dress style. And they are stunning on many people. But please. For the love. Do not spend your entire wedding day hiking up your dress. Prevent this unfortunate situation by really giving your dress a trial run during your fittings. Walk around, sit, stand, hug your seamstress, bend over to fix your shoe, dance a few steps...You may find that your dress just won't stay up. A good friend had her tailor add some gorgeous straps using material she had snipped off the hem. A bride I chatted with found a way to attach her dress to her strapless bra for extra hold. Whatever you can do to prevent a day long tug of war will make you a MUCH happier bride!

#4 Undergarments. Need I say more?

I know. I hated to admit to myself that I actually DID need spanx under my satin wedding dress...and the strapless bra/corset/girdle contraption was probably the least sexy thing I have EVER donned. But you know what? I felt great all day. And in my photos, my dress hangs perfectly and I don't have a pained "I'm holding my breath and sucking in while simultaneously puffing my chest to keep my dress up" look. Besides, your husband WILL give you a few minutes to change into "something more comfortable" after the reception!

 #5 EVERYONE looks better with a tan.

Ok, I said it. I'm SORRY to those of you who use fair skinned celebs like Nicole Kidman and Renee Zellweger to prove that beauty does not start with a golden bronze. I disagree with you. Spoken like a true spray tan addict, no? Here's the deal: tanned skin shows muscle definition, hides cellulite, masks skin imperfections and makes diamond rings SPARKLE.

I do NOT suggest or recommend actually lying out in the sun or going to a tanning booth. Boo for skin cancer! But there are so many different, fabulous options for a you to achieve a healthy glow on your special day. My new favorite cheapo? Loreal's new spray in a bottle. Yes, the cashier at Walgreens held it up and asked me if I was a buying a blowhorn. But seriously, this spray dries in SECONDS and goes on for a fabulous, streak free tan. (No, they aren't paying me to say this...but they should after all the money I've forked over). At a mere $10 per bottle (I get 2 full body tans out of each bottle) this is a BARGAIN. And for less than 2 mocha-frappa-cocoa whatever drinks you pick up at Starbucks, you can easily buy a can of this ahead of time and perfect your perfect color!

My only advice? ABSOLUTELY do a tanning rehearsal if you're not an obsessive spray tanner (yes, I'm speaking about myself), and plan on getting your final spray 2 - 3 days before your wedding. You'll be stunningly fabulous for your rehearsal dinner AND your color won't rub onto your dream dress.

Do you have any beauty blunders you'd like to share? Any timeless tips? Words of wisdom? Send 'em on over, we wanna hear!



Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses

If you have ever been a bridesmaid you know the phrases "It's only $250"..."The lime green looks great on everyone" and the infamous "you can totally wear it again!" all too well. We all have been subject to less than fabulous bridesmaids dresses...and lord knows I did the same to my bridesmaids:) So how do we break the cycle of hundreds of dollars wasted on mediocre dresses that have yet to come off the hanger?? It's simple...mismatched bridesmaid dresses! I love the idea of everyone finding a dress that fits their style and budget AND have it be something they can actually wear again. Pick a color and length...rule out a certain fabric if you want (no one like a velvet dress:) and let your girls to the rest!  


Before you shoot an email to your girls consider the following: Do you have someone in your bridal party that is off their rocker and will show up with a dress that is hideous?? Are you a control freak and want everyone to look the same?? Are their 15 girls in your wedding and this might look like a pile of laundry?? If you answer yes to any of these questions you may have some issues:) If not then this is such a fab way to save your girls some dollars, get unique wedding pics, and break the cycle of matchy-matchy bridesmaids dresses! 

IStillThinkYouCanWearMyBridesmaidsDresses :) 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Preferred Wedding Planner for Santa Monica Venue

I am sooo very excited to announce that Something Blue Wedding Company is now the preferred wedding planner for the Victorian in Santa Monica, CA! This beautiful Mansion on Main St. has such a rich you walk up the brick path to the front door you immediately feel like you are the late 19th century. Not only is it amazing/stunning/gorgeous/all of the is able to accommodate a small intimate group as well as a large gathering. From the moment I walked in...I felt at home. The Wedding Coordinators, Mia and Ashia are so great to work with and I am looking forward to a exciting future of wedding planning with them!

Photography by Sae Lee Photography

Abby LaDuke

Friday, September 17, 2010

Where have I been???

Talk about a busy month! I miss you ever feel like you are just reacting to everything going on in life??? I have felt totally consumed by the happens of this past month! I had 4 of them being my sisters! A 2 week trip back home to MN, my hubby and I moved to a different apartment in West Hollywood, we are looking for a new car, all the while meeting with new brides to plan their 2011 weddings and trying to soak up the last of summer days! So many fun things going on:) Here's a lil glimpse...

 Horseback Riding for my Sister's Bach Party!

Lots of Wedding Planning!

Fun Photo Shoot with an amazing Photographer!

Moved out of our cute lil apartment @ Wilshire/La Brea!

Couple shots from my sister's wedding

My bro Austin's first College Football Game!

My Sister-in-Law is Prego! I'm going to be an Aunt for the 1st time:)

Holy Cow that's a lot of stuff! Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things in LA. Here is my to do list for the fall:)
1. Decorate my new apartment! I'll update you on my progress:)
2. Finish up the wedding season...4 more to go! 
3. Take a 5 year anniversary trip with Adam...I'm thinking a drive up the coast to San Fran for the weekend?! 
4. Book our tickets for fab friend is getting married/visiting my sis & new brother-in-law! 
5. Eat a Carmel-Apple while watching a movie outdoors
6. Plan a house warming/halloween party! Lots to do before then:)
7. Write more inspiring blogs:) haha

What's on your fall to-do list?! 


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

As I am running around planning weddings today I couldn't help but think that guaranteeing a flawless, perfect wedding day for my brides would be wonderful...aahh the joys of being a fairy. But no such promise can be made my friends! Sometimes things just happen and instead of focusing on the weather being too hot, too cold, too this, too that, blah blah blah...I challenge you to not sweat the small stuff. Sure, there are certain things that will need immediate attention...(like when super cheesy DJ guy decides to be 45 minutes late) but there are other things that will swallow up your whole day if you aren't careful! A couple things come to mind...

A Rainy Day

A Broken Foot

Veil Mishaps

A Tad too Windy:)

Your Groom Needing an Immediate Bathroom Break

Unexpected Guy Humor:)

All of this to say ladies...let's not sweat the small stuff! Unplanned things will happen but isn't it all just icing on the cake??? pun 100% intended:) Don't miss your wedding on your wedding day! I know it may be hard after months of planning but just know that everything will work out, your marriage is more important, and it's the day where you can finally have a piece of cake...what's there to complain about??:) 


Abby LaDuke
Something Blue Wedding Company

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